Seven Teaser: Jungkook dating Han So Hee?

Seven Teaser: Jungkook dating Han So Hee?

Seven Teaser: Jungkook dating Han So Hee? Um! Not in reality, but, yes in ‘SEVEN.’ The teaser got an interesting response from the fans.

BTS’s member, a South Korean Singer, dropped 16 seconds promo that garnered media attention and went on viral.

The teaser of ‘SEVEN’ (feat Lasso) featured both Jungkook and Han So-Hee but not the Grammy-nominated rap star Latto.

After the short video is published, fans desperately wait to watch and listen to the golden Maknae in his upcoming single.

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Seven Teaser: Jungkook dating Han So Hee video

In the video, a 25-year-old boy meets a 28-year-old girl, sitting in front of each other in a restaurant. It seems both are having a huge fight as they continue to argue. However, their discussion of arguments is kept muted but the sound can be heard from the surroundings. Amidst, a chandelier drops on the opposite table, flinches the people in the restaurant but not the two who argue.

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At the end of the video, a voice in the Jungkook soft vocal can be heard “weight of the world on your shoulder, I catch your waist and ease your mind.”

The video went viral on Youtube and reached over 12M views in just one day. Also, almost all the popular magazines wrote on this trending topic which allows the video even more reachable.

In response to the promo, fans have gone frenzy and left positive comments. Notably, they have shown their interest after watching the teaser released on Youtube by ‘HYBE LABELS.’

Note that BTS’s member recruits ‘Latto’ for his new solo song ‘SEVEN.’ However, it is said that ‘SEVEN’ will be released on July 14, 2023, at 1 p.m. KST. This is going to be insane watching the upcoming release.