The Crowded Room episode 4 shocking story

The Crowded Room episode 4 shocking story

The Crowded Room episode 4 is finally landed and brings more shocking scenes to the story. Let’s discuss what happened in the latest episode.

The Crowded Room episode 4 shocking story

The story begins with Danny’s childhood, showing him catching a firefly at night. We believe in his childhood and what he went through as a child. Undoubtedly, he has many secrets since he was a child. The story tells us that he has multiple personalities due to the conditions that happened to him at an early age.

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However, the only reason is the childhood traumas that drove him to have multiple personalities and is the only way to deal with his past. Also, his past led him to a weird place where he is seen struggling with his traumatic past.

In the Crowded Room episode 4, we witnessed him on a plane, which means he is going to London. Because in the latest episodes, we learn that his father, Pete, wasn’t there for his family and left when Danny was only six years old. Also, we learn that Danny told Raya that he went to find his dad. Besides, his mom married a cruel man, which must have affected him and his brother. Danny can’t talk about his brother’s death, so we can’t figure out what happened to him that helped ended up his life.

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Who is Jack and Yitzhak in The Crowded Room episode 4?

When Danny goes to London intending to find his father, he meets an old friend of his father named Jack. He says that Pete wasn’t there around for some time and then he left for London. At this point, Danny feels abandoned once again. Watching Jack’s reaction makes the audience getting perplexed for he might not be real too.

Why do we raise a question about Jack’s reality? Because he knows who Yitzhak is. Well, to the best of our knowledge, Yitzhak is one of Danny’s personalities. Yitzhak and Pete are known to have worked together for some time. The story tells us that Yitzhak promised Pete that he would watch over Danny before he returned to the U.S.

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After Danny’s father leaves the family and his mother marries a cruel man, as noted earlier, broke Danny’s heart to the level that he makes excuses to feel relief. He realizes how important it is to have a caring and protective father, to protect him, as he couldn’t protect himself from his stepfather’s abuse.

We believe both Jack and Yitzhak were created to show the father love and care for his children and also to protect his children from the devil’s eyes.

You may have realized that Jack only tells stories Dannys wants to hear. Despite this, he is a grown-up who still looks like a fragile kid who needs a father. Therefore, Jacks continuously convinces him to be brave and go back to his country.

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Danny and Raya in The Crowded Room episode 4

Setting together, Raya is seen questioning how Yitzhak and Ari left all their belongings and vanished. Soon after, Danny seems angry with all his personalities and thinks they used and disappointed him. He believes they pretended as if they care about him, but actually, they didn’t.

Later, we see Jack meets Raya. Raya seems to know Jack as she welcomes him, saying: “It’s nice to see you again.”

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The question is, what is their relationship in The Crowded Room episode 4? So, there are two theories to be discussed. Either Raya is one of Danny’s personalities or Jack and Raya observe Danny together. Because at one point, when Raya says: “It’s time he knows the truth,” Jack immediately disagrees.

However, we believe the story is getting interesting with time. Let’s see how our theories go and what happens in the next session and episodes.

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