What is Secret Invasion 2023 and why is it trending in USA?

What is Secret Invasion 2023 and why is it trending in USA?

What is Secret Invasion 2023? Well, an American television writer, Kyle Bradstreet, created a tv miniseries for the streaming service Disney+.

The Secret Invasion release date is said to be June 21, 2023. The full casts are Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Ben Mendelsohn (Talos), Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill), Olivia Colman (Special Agent Sonya Falsworth), Emilia Clarke (G’iah), Kingsley Ben-Adir (Rebel Skrull Leader Gravik), Killian Scott (Pagon), Christopher McDonald, Carmen Ejogo, Christopher Goh, Ventsislav Yankov (FSB Commander), Martin Freeman (Agent Everett Ross), Don Cheadle (Rhodey), Samuel Adewunwi (Beto), Richard Dormer (Agent Prescod), Uriel Emil (Poprischchin), Dermot Mulroney (Ritson), Tony Curran (Derrik).

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Marvel Entertainment released an official two minutes of the Secret Invasion trailer on its website and youtube channel. At the beginning of a scene, a sound comes from the larynx of Talos that says:

” Fury, since you’ve been gone, things have gotten much worse.”

Those who watched “Far from Home” and understand the relationship between Talos and Fury may relate easily. In Far from Home, it was seen that Talos replaced Nick Fury on Earth and Nick Fury in space on a mission. A debate turned to arise about when did Talos start replacing Nick Fury. Hence, it is assumed that the Secret Invasion 2023 will reveal the reason.

However, In the next shot of the trailer, we can witness Moscow, Russia. In a scene, Gravik (Skrull Leader), is seen detonating a bomb that turns into a tumultuous situation. Also, Maria Hill can be seen in the scene.

In the Secret Invasion trailer, it looks like there are some groups involved where one will side with Nick Fury and the other won’t. Conflicts between Fury and Skrull arose when Nick reneged on his promises.

In the next shot, the San Francisco location can be seen in the trailer. So, the entire story is produced in different countries like Russia, France, and the United States. However, here a new character, Sonya Falsworth, emerges as a British Intelligence Agent who holds a high position in MI6. She has nothing to do with Fury or Skrull but is a British secret agent.

The very next shot has been taken to reveal the Skrull group changing into Gravik in front of Talos. Seeing this, Talos staggered.

Afterward, the Secret Invasion trailer shows Fury and Sonya going to the grave. Surprisingly, the grave is marked “Nicholas J. Fury,” which means that the grave belongs to Fury. There are many other secrets shown in the trailer. In one scene, many skrull dead bodies are shown in a room. It is expected that these corpses will be used for experiments or turned into Super Skrulls.

Soon after, a new character, Emilia Clarke, daughter of Talos, appears on the screen. The role of this character has not been shown clearly in the trailer and is left confusing. Note that Emilia played a key role in Captain Marvel.

The trailer further shows that Nick wants to fight this battle alone and doesn’t need any support. Also, it looks like Fury has lost the ability to trust anyone but himself only. Therefore, he opted to fight the battle alone.

The Secret Invasion trailer also shows a character Rhodey (War Machine), who wears a suit of armor. Rhodey stated that Nick is the most wanted man on the planet.

Besides, a nuclear power plant is shown where various experiments take place. A container labeled “Specimen Sample: Cull” and “U.S. Department of Damage Control” clearly shows there are experiments taking place to make Super Skrulls. Super Skrulls not only change their form but also copy the power of others.

At the end of the Secret Invasion trailer, Fury is seen leaving the graveyard where he once found a weapon.

Now, let’s see if Nick Fury survives or if there will be another season to watch.