WWE Alexa Bliss return update

WWE Alexa Bliss return update

It is reported that WWE Alexa Bliss is more likely to return to WWE television and appear in the upcoming live event. She is invited to Night of Champions, a premium event in Saudi Arabia on May 27th.

An American professional wrestler is expected to return to Saudi PLE, BoozerRasslin said, a Twitter account known for giving updates.

It’s now been over three months since Bliss didn’t appear on Television. She revealed in late March she underwent a treatment to remove skin cancer cells from that face. Therefore, it was necessary to go through a healing period to recover. But now she is physically doing good.

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On Instagram, the 31-year-old posted a photo showing stitches where the cancer had been removed. After undergoing treatment for skin cancer, she had a message for herself:

“Dear younger me, you should have stayed out of tanning beds.”

WWE Alexa Bliss updated her fans on her skin cancer treatment and said she is all clear and now perfectly fine. Also, she urged her fans to get themselves checked if they are exposed to the sun or practicing tanning beds.

However, tanning beds are designed to produce chemicals called melanin. It acts like the sun to help in the production of melanin that subsequently tans the skin.

Sunbeds or tanning beds work by exposing skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation same as they are in the sunshine.

These radiations penetrate deeper into the skin. It is estimated that 20 minutes on the sunbed is equal to exposure to the sun for four hours.

People assume it is a safe alternative to the sun to get your skin tanned. But, that’s not the case, said Kathryn Clifford, co-founder of specialist skin cancer awareness charity SKCIN.

Tanning beds emit the same ultraviolet rays as the sun and cause irreversible damage to the DNA in the skin cells.

WWE Alexa Bliss further shared her story saying that she noticed a spot and her face got worse. Therefore, she decided to go and get a biopsy.

On March 25, 2023, at 9:02 PM, she posted a tweet as shown below:

In January, WWE Alexa Bliss lost to Bianca Belair at the Royal Rumble and has been away ever since. However, it is reported that she is ready to come back and join the next event.

When it comes to looking at her WWE career, she has achieved a lot in the last decade. She is a former two times Smackdown Women’s Champion, Three times Raw Women’s Champion, Three times Women’s Tag Team Champion, and the coveted 24/7 Championship.

Nevertheless, people for the Bliss are very excited to see her in the upcoming event, which is going to be held in Saudi Arabia very soon.

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