Anchor Imran Riaz Khan reached home safely, confirmed

Anchor Imran Riaz Khan reached home safely, confirmed

An anchor person and a Youtuber, Imran Riaz Khan reached home safely, as confirmed by the District Police Officer Sialkot Hassan Iqbal.

The Popular Journalist, missing for nearly five months, returned home with his family. Due to this, the hashtag #ImranRiazKhan is trending on Twitter.

On 25 September 2023 in the morning, DPO Sialkot confirmed via a tweet from the official account that the missing person is now recovered.

Note that the famous journalist has millions of followers on YouTube and Twitter who raised their voices in solidarity and demanded to release him as soon as possible.

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Imran Riaz Khan reached home after missing for 142 days. On May 11, under 3 MPOs from the Sialkot Airport, the anchor person was taken into custody after the 9th May incident in Pakistan.

On May 12, Riaz was abducted by unknown persons in a private car after his release from the district jail.

On 15 May, LHC (Lahore High Court) was informed that Imran was released from the district jail.

During missing days, the Punjab IG (Inspector General), Anwar, issued a statement saying that the police department had no idea where he chose to hide and was therefore unable to find him soon.

However, on 20 Sep 2023, the LHC warned and gave a last opportunity to the Punjab Police to recover the famous journalist by 26 Sep.

On the 25th of Sep, due to the hard struggle of Riaz’s lawyers, he was rushed to his home safely.

Many famous journalists and news channels, including Geo News, confirmed that Imran Riaz Khan reached home with his family.

Imran Riaz Khan Case timeline

The day Riaz was abducted in a private car after his release from the jail on May 12. He was then rushed to an unknown place. Since his whereabouts remain unknown, Imran’s father, Muhammad Riaz, filed an FIR (First Information Report) with the Sialkot Civil Lines Police against unidentified persons mentioning the abduction of his son.

It was mentioned in the FIR that Imran was abducted by the Police Officials, invoking section 365 (kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine a person). Imran’s father was seen several times going to the LHC, crying and pleading for the recovery of his son, Imran.

Imran Riaz Khan news today and his picture with his lawyer, Mian Ali Ashfaq, has gone viral and circulating on the internet.

Imran Riaz Khan Fan-Following on YouTube and Twitter

The social activist has a fan-following of 4.06M on YouTube and 5.1M on Twitter. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most Popular Journalists and YouTubers of Pakistan.

Ever since Riyad went missing, many fictitious stories about his life have been circulating, ranging from torture to reports of his death. However, people are waiting for the press conference to go deeper. Nothing can be known until it is revealed how he was treated and whether some sort of deal was attempted.

Nevertheless, as of now, it has been officially confirmed that Imran Riaz Khan reached home safely with his family.