Pakistan is economically insolvent

Pakistan is economically insolvent

Pakistan is economically insolvent and under bankruptcy, especially defaulted and sank the economy in the last one and a half years.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reportedly took the oath and claimed few developments when he was assigned as the PM of Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan believe that the Prime Minister reneged on his promises and turned the nation on the downside instead.

It is reported that after the regime change operation held in Pak, the current government participated in terms of human rights violations, journalism abduction, forced divorce, inflation, constitution violation, illegal arrests with no legal warrants, unfathomable cases, restrictions on news channels, threats, harassment, etc.

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It is said that the pertinent government is running on wreaking vengeance against its opposition party, which is PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf), led by Chairman Imran Khan. Note that PTI holds the maximum vote bank in the country. Every poll on Twitter shows more than 90% of people support PTI.

Currently, PTI and Imran Khan’s popularity is at its peak, single-handedly defeating 13 opposition parties in every polling election.

Shehbaz and his allies’ intent doesn’t seem to be for the citizens of Pakistan but their main focus is to disqualify the former Prime Minister and the PTI Chairman, Imran Khan.

The intention of disqualifying his strong opposite candidate is to kick him out of the race, win the upcoming election, and remain in the government.

Nearly 200 cases are filed against IK. Cases are registered ranging from blasphemy to sedition to murder to corruption, etc. Not only this but Pakistan news channels are also banned from naming Imran Khan.

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However, Session Court Judge Humayun Dilawar, renowned for being biased through his social posts against the former Prime Minister IK, made a decision of three years in prison in the Toshakhana case against the PTI leader. Hence, the PTI Chairman was detained and thrown into jail within half an hour.

As always, the PTI workers again raised their voices in solidarity and upheld peaceful protests throughout the country, demanding to release the PTI leader.

Judge Dilawar was then called for human rights training at the University of Hull, England. Foreigner Pakistani people in England heard this news, flocked to the university, and held a massive protest.

Shayan Ali has been leading daily protests against the session court judge. This is not the first time he volunteered to start such a campaign, but also he is seen targeting Nawaz Sharif and the company before. Nevertheless, An unfortunate incident occurred when Dilawar was seen in a video abusing a woman and almost trying to assault her.

It is to inform you that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf government was removed in the “No Confidence Motion” in 2022. Hence, IK was ousted from the PM house.

Later, Imran Khan and his cabinet claimed that the democratically elected party was removed following a conspiracy through a cipher.

PTI Chairman continuously talked about a cipher and waved in front of his workers and supporters during Jalsas (public gatherings).

Following this claim, The Intercept, an online American individual non-profit news organization, leaked a cipher with detailed words as were claimed by IK and the company.

People of Pakistan started running a campaign with hashtags on Twitter regarding the cipher. Now, the former PM has been in jail for a week while his workers are protesting in different regions of the country.

Today, Pakistan is economically insolvent due to political instability. The total debt is now mounting. Sources said the Chairman PTI approached the government to have a positive debate, but the approach is said to have been rejected.

Pakistan today is facing an economic crisis. If continued, there are chances to get default if good strategies are not followed.