KSI vs Joe Fournier fight results

KSI vs Joe Fournier fight results

The countdown is ended and the KSI vs Joe Fournier results has come. People have been waiting for this big for the past week.

It’s been wonderful to watch both social media stars so eager for the title. Both the contestants hold a strong record in terms of winning streaks.

On May 13, 2023, MF & DAZN (X Series 007) featured an exhibition crossover boxing match between British Youtuber KSI and British businessman and professional boxer.

The match for the MF cruiserweight title took place at Wembley Arena in London, England.

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KSI vs Joe Fournier weigh in

The KSI vs Joe Fournier fight results

At the final face-off weigh-in confrontation, Mr. Joe was called to appear and be weighed. The professional boxer looked very confident wearing black goggles and passed a bunch of smiles to his fans chanting his name. The first competitor in the weigh-in round was then weighed in at 179.5 pounds.

On the other hand, Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, known professionally as KSI, was called to be weighed. His fans looked very crazy about him chanting his name. Then, his weight came in at 177.6 pounds.

Both the competitors looked very excited to fight against each other. After the weigh-in, they both appeared face to face, exchanging aggressive words. They were spotted on a camera exchanging heated words for a long time. When KSI took off Joe’s glasses, things got even more aggressive.

KSI vs Joe Fournier Results

On Saturday, two fighters confronted each other inside the ring. Fans have waited for so long to watch the fight between the two competitors. Huge supporters were found on both sides.

Due to the heated words exchanged in the weigh-in round before the fight, fans were more into it to see the results.

KSI has been very dominant in the first round while his opponent’s strategy was to defend himself. Fournier looked like he was waiting desperately to open his account.

In the second round, fans started chanting about their favorite players to encourage them to win the match. Soon after, KSI appeared to knock out his opponent by hitting on his face with the elbow, and he collapsed.

However, fans celebrated the moment. Hence, the news went on viral on social media platforms and everywhere.

Besides, the MF and DAZN X Series 007 event can also be watched live in the United States. To purchase the live event, you need to be a DAZN subscriber.

KSI vs Joe Fournier Comparison

KSI Boxing Record

  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: 177.6 lbs
  • Pre-fight record: 1-0

Joe Fournier Record

  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: 179.5 lbs
  • Pre-fight record: 9-0-0-1

Fournier Statement

Joe released his statement and claimed that he was hit with KSI elbow. Therefore, he insisted that he cheated with a clear elbow hit in their fight. Further, he raised his voice claiming the behavior of his opponent’s coach is embarrassing to boxing.

“He cheated, it’s clear, you’ve all seen the replays. He hit me with a clean elbow,” Joe told to Fred Talks Fighting.

“When you are fighting the promoter on his own show – I’ve never been cheated like that,” he further added.

“I can’t believe I came on this promotion to teach kids you have got to do the right thing, you’ve got to be ethical, you’ve got to work hard for everything you get. Not to cheat and you win,” he continued.

“And furthermore the terrible sportsmanship from Alexis (KSI’s coach) coming and disrespecting me in the corner when they’ve clearly cheated after that f***ing embarrassment. Embarrassment to the sport of boxing,” he carried on.

KSI Statement

After the controversial fight result between KSI, KSI also released his statement. He said, “I worked so hard for this fight and had an intense and grilling camp.”

Social Media person and cruiserweight boxer hailed his win against Fournier and felt delighted to be in front of his loyal and amazing fans. He appreciated his supporters for cheering him in this big match against a professional boxer.

He kept on saying “Unfortunately the victory, which was inevitable no matter what, is tarnished and I hate that. It sucks!

“After landing my overhand he was pretty much out on his feet and I went for a short right hook as Joe clinched me and fell into me.

“I landed that hook and my glove made contact but appears to have been followed by unintentional contact with my forearm.

“I’m gutted that it’s not as clean a win as I wanted and it feels like it diminishes my hard work with my trainers.

“Either way I hope you enjoyed the show and appreciate the support. Sorry to all the fans disappointed with it. No one is more so than me.”