Why Was Angelo Mathews Given Out?

Why Was Angelo Mathews Given Out?

Why was Angelo Mathews given out? a question is circulating on social media where netizens scream at Shakib Al Hasan for raising the point against a batter.

A broken helmet strap led the Srilankan batsman to be dismissed on time-out, a rule set for a new batsman to come in the crease and be ready to face the bowl within three minutes.

Mathews entered the crease and found his helmet strap was broken when he attempted to wear the helmet and lock the strap around his chin.

The 35-year-old Srilankan batter became the first player ever to be timed out in international cricket after Sadeera Samarawickrama had been dismissed.

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On 6th November 2023, Angelo Mathews news went viral after he was given out for being 20-30 seconds late after the last dismissal of Sadeera.

Shakib Al Hasan from the Bangladesh Cricket Team initiated the discussion with the umpires and urged them to announce the wicket of Angelo Mathews.

After listening to the player’s appeal, umpires negotiated, came to the conclusion, and announced their verdict. Although, the batter did not look happy with the decision but had to follow his way towards the dressing room.

Some say the batter came on the crease within time but his broken helmet delayed him for seconds and therefore, he shouldn’t have been given out. Others, on the other hand, are happy with the decision, showing respect to the rules and regulations, set by the ICC (International Cricket Council) saying that all types of equipment should be properly checked before coming to the crease.

During the innings break, reserve umpire  Adrian Holdstock told to Star Sports that the fielding captain appealed the standing umpire Marais Erasmus for the timed out.

What is Timeout in Cricket?

In cricket, a “timed out” dismissal occurs when a batsman takes too long to arrive at the crease after the fall of a wicket. According to the laws of cricket, a new batsman is required to be ready to face the next delivery within three minutes of the previous batsman being dismissed. If the incoming batsman fails to do so, they can be given out “timed out” by the umpire. This dismissal is quite rare in professional cricket matches.