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2023 Emmy Awards Nominations for Outstanding Talk Series

By Atif

July 13, 2023

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

For the 2023 Emmy Awards Nominations, the Chairman of the Television Academy, Frank Scherma, began the show.

Frank announced an Emmy nominated, Yvette Nicole Brown, for participating in the 75th Emmy Awards as a Co-host.

Nicole Brown takes the initiative to announce the nominees for the Outstanding Talk Series. The nominees are:

Green Star


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: One of his funny clips was played on the big screen in which he says: "African leaders peacefully leading power, that's never a guarantee."

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Jimmy Kimmel Live: His funny clip "20 years? It is. It makes no sense.. I know, It's ridiculous." was played on the screen during the 75th Emmy Awards.

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Late Night with Seth Meyers: Similarly, a clip "Happy Holidays" was taken from the show to broadcast it on TV in the event.

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: "I want my trial! I wanted! You were supposed to provide me six weeks of delicious content," a clip was displayed.

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The Problem with Jon Stewart: A video "I'm not going to say it like it's an opinion. That's what it is," was played during the 2023 Emmy Awards Nominations.