Harry Styles New Haircut | Harry Styles Shaved Head


By: Atif Ahmad 11th Nov 2023

Credit: TMZ

Harry Styles new haircut garnered the media attention and overwhelmed netizens after he shaved his head.

The English singer was photographed with actor Taylor Russell while attending U2's Las Vegas Concert in Nevada.

Credit: TMZ

The "Fine Line" singer was photographed with Taylor, where he had his head shaved when he was caught on camera.

Credit: TMZ

TMZ, a news organization owned by Fox Corporation, had shared the photo of Harry where he was spotted with his head shaved.

People flocked to X website (formerly Twitter) and shared their thoughts on Harry Styles new haircut.

On Nov 9, TMZ surfaced the picture on the internet that made fans unhappy with the new trend (Harry Styles shaved head).