Rob Van Dam  AEW Dynamite

By Trendify News Published August 3, 2023

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Entry of the WWE Hall of Fame, Rob Van Dam, shocked everyone in the AEW Dynamite.

Series of Dynamite is an American Professional Wrestling Television Program, origionally released on Oct 2, 2019.

This week, the 200th episode was organised as a promotion where people witnessed R.V.D. and gone shocked.

During a segment, Jerry Lean, a producer of a company, stated that doctors do not allow Jungle Boy Aka Jack Perry to fight.

Suddenly, professional wrestler, Rob Van Dam made his presence possible for his promotion debut in the AEW Dynamite.

A gasp went up from the audience when they witnessed this moment. Also, the moment was cheered by the crowd nicely.

In a backstage interview, RVD said that Perry only runs his mouth. Also, he stated that he knows how to build a legacy title.

Note that Rob Van Dam and Jack Perry had a face off when Perry decided to leave and hence he escaped.