Gravity Hole in the Indian Ocean

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Atif Ahmad July 26, 2023

The Gravity Hole in the Indian Ocean, officially called Geoid Low, is spotted, leaving many questions.

It is said that the Anomaly covers about three million square kilometers and starts just off India's southern tip.

The Indian Ocean Geoid Low (IOGL) was first discovered through satellite measurements made scientists bewildered.

Recent studies suggest that the Gravity Hole in the ocean may be caused by plumes of hot and low density.

These magma plumes are said to form when the Indian subcontinent hit the Asian continent many years ago.

The magma plumes therefore arose to the surface after the collision caused the mantle to heat up and melt.

Hence, recent research states, a region of low density in the Earth's mantle formed soon after the magma plumes arose.

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