Zambia Vs Japan: 2023 Fifa Women World Cup

By: Atif Ahmad July 22, 2023

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On Saturday, July 22, 2023, Zambia Vs Japan: the two teams confronts each other in the 2023 Fifa Women World Cup.

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From Group C, the two teams face off in front of a huge crowd at FMG Stadium Waikato in New Zealand.

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The game is featured on FS1 and the Fox Sports App, which helped interested people to watch it online.

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Zambia vs Japan Result

Japan Women's National Football Team secured the game against Zambia Women's National Football Team.

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After full-time, the Japanese were able to dominate with five goals to zero and take the victory easily.

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Remember this is the World Cup debut for Zambia who managed to qualify despite being the lowest-ranked team.

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