The Islamia University scandal caught over 5k obscene videos

The Islamia University scandal caught over 5k obscene videos

The Islamia University Scandal: Pakistan certainly faces oppression one after another. This time, the pertinent university negatively played its role.

The Bahawalpur scandal garnered media attention for harassing, torturing, and blackmailing students. It is said that the professors abuse the students and force them to fulfill their wishes in return for allowing them to get higher marks in the results.

Many clips are circulating on social media where women are harassed, like in a bus, car, university, etc. It is reported that women choose to remain silent because they are worried about the results and the consequences.

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The Islamia University scandal story

The premise of the story: Ejaz Hussain, a Chief Security Officer of the Islamia University Bahawalpur, is caught with around 5,500 obscene videos, nude pictures of female professors and students, and disgusting and vulgar voice notes. In addition, he was also caught with drugs, 10 grams of crystal ice, sex stimulation drugs, and many more.

Sources said that the concerned person was dating a girl, belonging to the same campus, in a white cultus. Ejaz saw the police and decided to escape but failed to do so. The police noticed as he looked dubious and cached him.

Later, officers interrogated the matter, which resulted in finding a person involved in unlawful activities. Due to the investigation, Ejaz named many other people involved in the crime.

However, the culprit was registered under case section 9 (2) 1 of the Control of Narcotic Substances Act 1997.

The scandal at Islamia University Bahawalpur has become one of the top trends in Pakistan with the hashtag #EndCampusHarassment. The people of Pakistan raised their voices in solidarity and started a movement with the hashtag. They demand to strictly punish the people who are involved in harassing the students to overcome such incidents happen in the future.

People’s reaction to students Islamia University Bahawalpur scandal

This is not the first time we have witnessed the citizens of Pakistan raise their voices for their rights. They also voluntarily contribute to raising voices for oppressed people. Similarly, they are also seen contributing in various ways like posting videos, tweets, etc on Islamia University Bahawalpur scandal news. Not only this but they are found very angry about the incident and want the campus to stop harassing students.

The Chief Security Officer Ejaz Hussain interview

The arrested Chief Security Officer named other people involved in the incident. The interrogation helps the authoritative team to arrest the rest of the professors for violating and abusing human rights and misusing them for illegal desires and wishes instead.

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